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The following questions are questions you should ask any Hopkinsville property management company before you make a commitment to work with them. 

Why should I use a property management service?

A quality property management service will ensure that the burdens of unexpected and untimely tenant and repair issues are handled with care and ease so that you can focus your time and energy elsewhere. Because we have relationships in place with our service vendors and our approach to communication with our tenants, this makes your job as simple as receiving your rent check and reviewing your monthly statements.


What type of experience do you have managing rental properties.

The Payne Real Estate Group has managed rental properties for years now and most importantly, Ben Payne has investment properties of his own. There is a proven track record that reflects success in his efforts both professionally and personally.


How big is your Company?

Hopkinsville Property Management is run by Ben Payne and his assistant Wendy Bryant. Because of our systems and our philosophies we consider ourselves a boutique operation that focuses on representing outstanding properties and attracting qualified tenants. Certainly one advantage to working with us is the level of service between and Wendy Bryant.  You will NOT be lost in the shuffle.


What is your approach to Property Management in Hopkinsville?

Our approach is simple....”Handle It”. The whole point in hiring us to manage your property is so that you don't have to . We will not pester you or bother you with the little details or insignificant information such as “we changed the air filter”. If there are major instances such as a system failure (HVAC, Plumbing, etc) or a tenant issue, you will be notified, but for most situations, we just do our job.


How will I be informed about significant changes or events that effect my property?

In most cases, if there is a significant issue that will impact your monthly cash proceeds by over $150, we will inform you of the situation via phone or email (your preference) so that you are prepared for it. Of course a 30 day notice received by a tenant would be immediately disclosed to you so that you are aware of the pending turn over costs and expenses that will occur.


For new clients or investors, we will put a little more into keeping you informed about the time lines and expenses associated with getting your property ready for market to our standards and the progress of work until your property is rented. After the first couple of months, we should be on track to work within the guidelines mentioned above. Your comfort level in working with us and understanding our approach is very important to us and we want to insure you confidence in our ability to make your job (receiving a check) as easy as possible.


What type of rental properties do you currently manage in Hopkinsville?


We currently have many single family homes and multi-family units that are in great shape with sound structures and systems. We are adamant about keeping the properties looking nice and functioning well because this attracts quality tenants and reduces the strain on you as the investor and us as the property manager.


What areas of Hopkinsville to you offer property management services?

We have properties throughout Hopkinsville that fit our criteria for management.  We also handle most all areas of Christian County.  If you have a question about the location of your property, give us a call.




How do you determine the rent value for my property?

We generally honor all pre-existing lease agreements if applicable when you bring your property to us. However, when the property becomes available for a new tenant, we will compare the property with those on the market that share similar characteristics. Once the market analysis is complete, we consider the condition of your property, the demand for your property, and other factors including the time of year. We tend to lean toward being right at or just under the average rents for comparable properties because our aim is to get your property rented quickly and expedite the turn around to avoid any length in a vacancy period because that is the ultimate benchmark for success in the rental business....very little vacancy.



How much of a security deposit do you get from new tenants?

Depending on the monthly rent for the property, we will get anywhere from 70% to 100% of a months rent as a security deposit.


What is your position on pets in rental properties?

We generally discourage owners from allowing pets but then again you tend to loose some of the potential renters by not allowing them. So, as a rule, we encourage owners that don't mind pets to only accept pets that are under 35 pounds and to only permit two pets on the property. Some breeds of dogs are prohibited as they tend to be aggressive. If you instruct us to allow dogs only and no cats or vice versa, we will. One thing is for certain, pets cause damage to property and most of the time, replacing carpets and woodwork can cost more that the typical pet fees. We generally seek $250 per animal as a pet fee.

If you request that there be no pets in the property, we will gladly market the property as such and do our best to ensure that the tenants adhere to this policy.


What is your policy on smoking in the property?

If you instruct us to restrict smoking in your property, we will do our best to make sure the tenants understand that the property is smoke free. 

What type of screening do you do for potential tenants?

Tenants are required to provide us with verifiable rental history going back two years or proof of prior home ownership, we check their credit and we ask for proof of income and check to insure that the rent is no more than one third of their take home pay.

Can I have a copy of your lease agreement?

Yes, we will be glad to get you a copy of our agreement for you and or your attorney to review.


What approach do you have with regard to enforcing the lease agreement?

It's simple, we enforce the agreements that are in place. Violations of our agreements such as late payments, unauthorized pets, vehicle limits, unauthorized occupants, and other situations are handled according to the lease and the tenant will have a fee or notice to remedy the problem before further action.


How does Hopkinsville Property Management handle requests for repairs from tenants?

Issues that are not emergencies can be handled online through our system which allows tenants to make requests. We do our best to insure that minor repairs and requests are attended to within one to three business days.


Do you hold any of my money in reserve for repairs?


Do you take care of the bills for the property like lawn care and pest control?

Yes, we will pay for lawn care, HOA dues, pest control, and other bills associated with maintaining the property and you will see these charges on your statements.

Do maintenance invoices have any markup from Hopkinsville Property Management?

Absolutely not! Our vendors give us quotes and invoices, and we pass those on just as they are quoted or charged. We supply copies of bills and receipts to owners in their monthly statements.


Is there a “Set Up” fee to get started?

We do not charge a set up fee.

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