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Property Management Services in Hopkinsville, KY

Are you the owner of either a multi-family unit(s) or a single family home in Hopkinsville, Ky that needs property management? Do you have the desire and ability to help us maintain a clean property with functioning systems and sound structure? If you answered yes to BOTH questions, then the Payne Real Estate Group would like the opportunity to discuss a service commitment with you. Familiarize yourself with our frequently asked questions and contact Wendy Bryant, to schedule an appointment.


Residential Sales

Our sister company, Payne Real Estate Group, is a full service real estate brokerage that specializes in selling real property for the right price in a short amount of time. If you are interested in selling your rental properties, we have the resources, systems, and relationships to move properties in a timely fashion.


Multi-Family Sales

Because of our relationships with current owners of rental properties in Hopkinsville, and our growing network of investors looking to increase their portfolio, we have a head start in the process of selling your multi-family units for you. Our approach is both efficient and effective when it comes to a smooth transition in which the current tenants are minimally affected by the due diligence process. Similar to our Residential sales strategy, we again have the resources, systems, and relationships that are necessary to insure a smooth and timely transaction for your investments.

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